The Bellingen Fine Music Festival’s acclaimed Music-By-Youth Project provides the opportunity for local primary and high school music students to interact, learn and work with professional musicians and have public performances.  The project is funded by Camp Creative in memory of Peter Nance and by Festivals Australia of the Australian Government.  Music-By-Youth is an outstanding success.  Having the opportunity to work with outstanding ensembles such as the Acacia Quartet has been an invaluable experience for the students involved.  Those graduating have all done extremely well in music for the HSC.

The project has a number of components.  For 2017 they are:


The Acacia QuartMusic-by-Youth Projectet ensemble from Sydney will provide a String Instruments Workshop for primary school music students at the Bellingen Public School on Thursday 21st September.  They will provide a string instruments workshop for members of the Bellingen Youth Orchestra in the Bellingen Memorial Hall on Friday 22nd Sept from 10:00 – 11:30 am.  Festival attendees are invited to attend to listen and watch this workshop.  The Acacia Quartet will join the Bellingen Youth Orchestra in performance of the works they workshop in the Youth and Exuberance Opening Concert of the Bellingen Fine Music Festival in the Bellingen Memorial Hall on Friday 22nd September.


School students of all ages, but mainly primary school students, will busk around town on Saturday morning 23rd September.


Paul Jarman, Composer, will mentor HSC Music 2 students in writing their compositions for HSC submission.  Up to six of these students who are writing for a string quartet will then have the opportunity to go to Sydney in August to have their works performed by the Acacia Quartet and recorded in the 102.5 FM Fine Music Recording Studio for their HSC submission.  The Acacia Quartet will then perform their works in the Opening Concert.


Sally Whitwell, composer, has been commissioned to write a composition to be performed by the Bellingen Youth Orchestra during the Opening Concert.  She will visit earlier in the year to assist the Orchestra in rehearsing her work.


The Composer Slam for students will be conducted in two rounds.  A Preliminary Round in June will be adjudicated by Paul Jarman, and a Final Round in the Bellingen Memorial Hall on Saturday 23rd September from 9:00 – 10:30 am will be adjudicated by Elena Kats-Chernin.   Festival attendees are invited to attend to listen and watch.

Until then, have a listen to one of this year’s Preliminary Round entries:

The Music-By-Youth project is partly funded by Camp Creative
in memory of Peter Nance