Zoe Chindamo and Zoe Black

Zoë Black and Joe Chindamo are the new kids on the classical block and are routinely described as edgy and a welcome new and unique voice to Australian chamber music. Their commitment to new music displays a daring disregard for boundaries.

Joe is a musical polyglot in the tradition of Bernstein and Previn and with twenty three CDs in his wake, countless world tours and a plethora of awards, he can comfortably take his place amongst the best jazz pianists in the world.

Zoë Black is known for her beautiful sound and natural virtuosity. She is currently a part-time violinist with the ACO and devotes her considerable gifts to her part-time role in the ACO and her duo with pianist/composer Joe Chindamo.

In 2011 Joe and Zoë joined forces to form a duo dedicated to presenting a creative mixture of new compositions and unique re-conception of classical works. Their concert performances and two CD releases Reimaginings and Dido’s Lament have met with highest acclaim from critics and peers. Following the release of Dido’s Lament, they were the subject of a 4 page feature in Limelight Magazine.

In the past year, they were highlights at Piers Lane’s Australian Festival of Chamber Music, Anna Goldsworthy’s Port Fairy Festival, ABC FM Sunday Live, Canberra Street Theatre, Melbourne Recital Centre and many more festivals around the country.

What the critics say:

When two great artists collaborate, you expect a magnificent result. What you don’t expect, what you can’t even imagine, is the transcendent experience that awaits you when under the spell of Zoe Black and Joe Chindamo.”  – James Morrison:

“I wouldn’t even label this crossover: instead of breaking down boundaries, this duo appears not to notice them …the duo must be lauded for forging a style entirely their own.”  –Francis Merson, Limelight Magazine

“…. two artists creating a musical dialogue with a combined language. It is tempestuous, passionate, romantic and full of surprises….. largely the re-invention of works by the great classical masters such as Bach, Mozart and Chopin.” – Composer Chris Dench

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Joe Chindamo and Zoë Black appear with the kind support of Music Viva