Tek TekThese musicians will have you dancing in (or out of) your seat.

The unique TEK TEK Ensemble from Melbourne performs virtuosic and original music inspired by tropical jungles, late night Balkan weddings, 1960s chic, and shamanistic desert rituals.

Paul Dornau, band leader and song writer describes his group as “an international mini orchestra”.

The band, which includes Bellingen grown Esther Henderson, captivates audiences with exclamatory trumpet, hedonistic violins and organ, deeply pulsating drums and bass, wild psychedelic electric guitar, and a rich smearing of harmonized singing (and wailing) thrown on top.

Formed in 2010, TEK TEK Ensemble have developed into a respected and accomplished festival band, having performed at large festivals such as WOMAD, Woodford, Port Fairy and White Night and have performed numerous times across Australia, once across South East Asia, and twice across Europe.

TEK TEK Ensemble includes:

Paul Dornau (band leader and songwriter) on electric guitar, organ and synthesiser. Paul is an educator, composer, and performer and also performs in the garage surf band Johnnie and the Johnnies Johnnies.

Carrie Webster on violin, percussion and vocals. Carrie also performs in the popular local band The Sugar Fed Leopards. ‡

Thomas Mitchell on drums. Thom is an accomplished drummer and percussionist that also performs in Papa Chango, The Cumbia Cosmonauts and The Bowie Project. ‡

Esther Henderson on violin, percussion and vocals. Esther is currently studying Jazz Improvisation at Monash University. ‡

Gemma Horbury on trumpet. Gemma is a composer and performer. She also runs Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde. ‡

Julian Langdon on bass. Julian is an award-winning and prolific composer based in Melbourne.